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Health Equity Resources

Learn more about the inspiring work being done to revolutionize health policy!

Coloring Health Policy

Coloring Health Policy | Educational podcast


Coloring Health Policy aims to educate listeners about health policy and its impacts on minority communities. Through each episode, they explain the history behind the health disparities and inequities seen today, share current news stories and statistics pertaining to health disparities for minorities, especially with the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

American Health Association

American Health Association | Nonprofit organization

The American health Association provides educational training programs for CPR, AED, First Aid and information on bloodborne pathogens and reducing your risk of cross-contamination while giving care to a sick or injured victim. It teaches the latest principles of basic life support for adults, children, and infants, and training is based on internationally accepted guidelines established by ILCOR, the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation. 

Public Health Advocates

Public Health Advocates | Nonprofit organization


Public Health Advocates brings a public health lens to the pressing issues of our day, working with communities to challenge the social, political, and economic systems perpetuating racial, economic, and health disparities. For the past two decades, they’ve worked with state legislation to change laws and expand possibilities for underserved communities. 

Racism in Healthcare

Racism In Healthcare | Instagram account


Racism in Healthcare has been set up to provide information about the discrimination faced by black people and other minorities in healthcare. They provide shocking statistics on the racism in healthcare from research publications in order to gain awareness. They encourage all medical professionals to educate themselves about anti-racism and implicit bias by providing more information about how everyone can help to bridge the gap. 


Public Health Foundation | Nonprofit organization


PHF's purpose is to serve public health agencies and systems. They provide consulting and training services for healthcare systems and organizations aimed towards quality improvement, workforce development, and performance management. Recent training has been focused on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Along with training tools, they have compiled together a scientific database from conducting applied research and collecting data from the advances in the field of public health systems in order to make evidence-based policy decisions, strengthen infrastructure, and improve overall performance to better serve the public health community. 

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