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Established in 2018, Bridged was founded with the goal of raising awareness and bridging the information gap between individuals and their healthcare system. By sharing relevant research, resources, and non-profits from the healthcare space, we aim to inspire communities to take an active role in their own health.

About Bridged

Our Mission

Our Mission

Here at Bridged, our mission focuses on sharing relevant information that educates individuals about their health. These are the components of our mission:



We recognize the barriers preventing small communities from completely understanding their own health. These barriers include language, cultural stigmas, socioeconomic disadvantages, and so much more. Using a holistic approach, Bridged promotes community-specific lifestyle education to foster a healthier life.


We recognize the misinformation existing about various health topics that makes it confusing to get the right information about your health. We strive to share content that equips audiences to make healthy decisions and be aware of important health topics.


We want to change tomorrow by grooming leaders today. By equipping people with knowledge about their health resources and training them on making an impact around them, we empower people to become leaders within the health education field. 


We want to work with various nonprofit organizations, both locally and globally, to create additional health awareness in local and global communities. 

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