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Fitness & Nutrition

Learn more about the inspiring work being done to promote a fit, healthy lifestyle!

Health Works

HealthWorks | Nonprofit organization


This organization's focus is mainly directed towards women and children in low-income neighborhoods to prevent the many chronic diseases that tend to affect these types of communities. Their non-profit locations allow people to use their facilities and resources at a preferred rate. 

Fit 4 Prevention

Fit 4 Prevention | National movement


Fit 4 Prevention works towards promoting a healthy lifestyle for women in order to reduce the risk of breast cancer and other diseases.  They offer fitness classes hosted by thousands of users to help raise money for the Keep a Breast Foundation and allow participants to take an active role in the prevention of developing breast cancer. 

Fitness Without Borders
California Project LEAN

Fitness Without Borders | Nonprofit organization


Fitness Without Borders is an organization that promotes healthy lifestyles through exercise programs and fitness education. They offer several programs, each targeted at a specific age group, to carry out their efforts. 

The California Project LEAN | Public Health Institute program


This organization is dedicated to addressing childhood obesity by influencing physical activity and diet in public schools. Their work mainly aims to empower young people as well as parents to take the initiative to implement healthier lifestyle choices. The organization also works towards influencing public policy regarding schools and their efforts to prevent childhood obesity. 

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