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Mental Health Resources

Learn more about the inspiring work being done to bring awareness about the importance of mental health!

Mann Mukti


MannMukti | Advocacy organization


This organization strives to normalize mental health issues and rid the South Asian community of the stigma that surrounds mental health. The organization serves as a safe place for members of the South Asian community to share their experiences with mental health issues. Furthermore, MannMukti connects these members to mental health professionals in their respective areas. 

Mental Health America

Mental Health America (MHA) | Nonprofit organization


MHA is one of the nation’s leading mental healthcare non-profit organizations in America. They are community-based and dedicated to addressing the needs of all people living with mental illness.

Mindfulness First

Mindfulness First | Nonprofit organization

Mindfulness First strives to provide courses to schools and businesses intended to educate people about how to incorporate mindfulness-based social and emotional learning into their school and work lives which can lead to the decrease of violence and bullying later on in life. 


National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) | Advocacy organization 


Today, NAMI has impacted communities nationwide by raising awareness and educating the general public on the topic of mental health. They provide support for individuals and families who deal with mental health issues firsthand. 

The Child Mind Institute

Child Mind Institute | Advocacy organization


This organization intervenes in childhood mental illnesses by providing free information and resources to families and communities. The organization also dedicates itself to research that would allow scientists to better understand how the brain develops in the early years and how this could affect mental illnesses. 

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